Agency Juice— Issue 01

Welcome to the first issue of Agency Juice. See it as a dumping ground for anything and everything that has inspired me and our Brand Agency from the previous month and a place to talk all things design, illustration, Bristol and agency life. Being Creative Director of Bristol based brand agency — ORCA means I spend alot (a hell of alot) of time looking for inspiration (and maybe buying art and other nice creative goodies). Wether it’s jaw dropping new brands, creative business ventures, humble happenings or some shit hot illustrators that have caught my attention or inspired a branding project we’re working on, I wanted a place to keep track of my findings and share the good stuff with the world.

Here’s a round up of things I’ve seen, places I’ve been and people who are lovely.. and definitely not mean :)

Good Day Club — Art and prints

This month I’ve spent too much money over at The Good Day Club. Turns out That Founder Marcello Velho has a bloody good taste for illustration and has built up a collective of incredible artists laying down their stuff on tees, prints and other swag. Highly recomended art juice up in this place, just be warned you might end spending a little bit too much of your hard earned cashish!

Lucie Bajgart — Colour queen

Reactgirls website by Lucie Bajgart

I’ve had my eyes on designer Lucie Bajgart this month. She also is involved with colour combination generator — founded by George Hastings, and this passion for colour pallettes and applying it to brands shows in her work. I love her considered colour choices that always seem to compliment her compositons perfectly. Check this lovely lot out for a little bit of inspiration and make sure to check out her Dribbble portfolio for a quick hit from the colour queen..

Various designs by Lucie Bajgart

Left Handed Giant — Brand goodness and Bristol Happenings

What’s better than mad tasty beer? Beer that has an awesome brand and is from Bristol of course. This month (June 2019) see’s an epic brewery opening of the Left Handed Giant at Finzels each. Here at ORCA we’re mad about their beer and will be regulars down at the brewpub for sure. I was really sucked into LHG when I saw their tinnies popping up around venues and stockists which always feature their signature, playful illustrations.

Gresham Smith — Identity goodness

On a recent inspiration adventure, I was looking for places to learn about how other brand agencies put together brand identity case studies and found an interview with Brit Blankenship from Matchstic. Brit is the associate designer director of the team and I was immediately drawn to the work created for Gesham Smith; minimal, simple, informative and functional guideline goodness x 100.

Identity created by Matchstic for Gresham Smith

Luisa Salas — Art juice

Being mad about illustration and art, I quite often find new illustrators who I obsess about and ultimately end up spending too much money on their prints! This month Mexican artist, illustrator and pattern designer Luisa Salas / Hola Lou has been slowly reducing the funds in my bank account and I couldnt be happier! I love her simple, flat patterns with shapes and colours inspired by her Mexican heritage. check out this ultimate art juice..

Various works by Luisa Sala

Design Calendar —Helpful tools

Getting out the studio, meeting other creatives, attending workshops and pushing myself with courses and other helpful happenings in the industry is super important to me. Plus.. It means I don’t have to sit behind a computer all day, and I get to use the part of my brain designed for learning which is really rewarding too. Recently I had the idea to build a calendar of all the cool, creative happenings in the design industry and whilst hunting the web I realised someone had beat me too it… and I love it. Check out the Design Calendar (only includes a few capital cities for now but is still super helpful)

Cleo Sol — Ear juice

Being Creative Director means I get asked a lot of questions pretty much all day.. but when I need some focus time I’m an advocate of slamming my headphones in and zoning out. Even a clear 30 mins or so knowing you won’t be distracted and can focus purely on the task at hand is super benefical for myself and lots of other creative types I know. This month I’ve been loving Cleo Sol… I’m a sucker for Soul and R&B and this girls got some serious ear juice for you. Check out the track Sweet Blue.. It’s a banger

Dalton Maag — Tasty type

Earlier this month we had the super talented and all round top girl Eleni Beveratou, Creative Director of London based Type Foundry — Dalton Maag pop in for a studio visit. Eleni talked us through their processes and explained some of the ways in which they help their clients. Max our mid-weight designer and I we’re buzzing after our meeting, we look forward to using their font library for our clients and thanks Eleni for our Type specimens too!

Matt Wilson — Motion goodness

I had an awesome meeting with Matt Wilson, a super talented motion designer based in Bristol who’s going to come on board as a mentor for our side project, labour of love and educational tool for designers — Briefbox. Matt and I will be building a super accesible and affordable course for designers teaching them the basics of Motion graphics. I can’t wait to get it underway and to be able to offer the course to our students later this year.

Animations by Matt Wilson

What I’ve been upto

Artwork created for a new Practice Brief up on Briefbox
Conceptual branding exploration up on my dribbble page

What Charlie’s been upto

Charlie’s my Staffy X and he always has a busy month. This month he’s mostly been snuggling like a king of course. :)

That’s it for this now — Catch you crazy cats next month :)




Brand consultant & bootstrapped founder. Currently building +

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Joel Rosen

Joel Rosen

Brand consultant & bootstrapped founder. Currently building +

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